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Bias establishment

Wikipedia vigilante entry has smeared Minuteman Project since March 2009

Since March 2009 [1], Wikipedia has had a variant of this smear of the Minuteman Project ("MMP") on their Vigilante entry:

The Minuteman Project has been described as vigilantes dedicated to expelling people who cross the US-Mexico border illegally.

Since that quote was added, Wikipedia has backed up its claim with two highly questionable sources, as will be described below.

First note that the same Wikipedia page gives a different treatment to other groups:

BBC Nature foolishly stakes their reputation on Wikipedia

As a cost-saving measure, BBC Nature ( gets its listing pages about different species of animals from Wikipedia. That then forces them to implicitly admit that Wikipedia isn't a reliable source (see excerpts from the BBC FAQ below).

What's BBC's suggested fix for spreading possibly inaccurate information to readers of their site? They suggest that experts go fix Wikipedia.

While this is understandable from a money-saving perspective, the BBC is being penny wise pound foolish: they're staking their reputation on Wikipedia.

NAFTA Superhighway

The three month old NAFTA Superhighway article is very brief and doesn't give an accurate overview of the topic. It doesn't fully address the controversy surrounding the topic, with mostly alternative media sources presenting evidence that it exists (or a larger version is planned) and with the mainstream media presenting cookie cutter articles designed to "debunk" claims made by the alternative media.
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