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Thomas James Ball entry deleted (immolated himself over men's rights)

On June 15, 2011, Thomas James Ball immolated himself in front of the Cheshire County (New Hampshire) Superior Courthouse in a protest over men's rights. A story from the Union Leader is here, and a site constructed about the event is here.

Wikipedia helps NYT cover up David Rohde kidnapping

New York Times reporter David Rohde was kidnapped last year in Afghanistan and, in order not to raise his value to his captors, the NYT was able to get other news organizations to keep the news secret. Another source that agreed to keep it secret was Wikipedia (link).

Valerie Jarrett (Obama advisor)

Valerie Jarrett is a close advisor to Barack Obama who's now part of his administration. Her Wikipedia entry is miraculously missing any negative information on her, despite a few attempts to put some of it in. The entry also fails to note her role in the alleged attempts by Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich to sell the Senate seat vacated by Obama.

World Heritage Site

The World Heritage Site entry contains absolutely no negative or contrary information of any kind and lends the false impression that that United Nations program is completely uncontroversial. Yet, it does have its detractors and it is controversial in some quarters. Any information on controversies surrounding the program has been missing from the entry for over six months.

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