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NAFTA Superhighway

The three month old NAFTA Superhighway article is very brief and doesn't give an accurate overview of the topic. It doesn't fully address the controversy surrounding the topic, with mostly alternative media sources presenting evidence that it exists (or a larger version is planned) and with the mainstream media presenting cookie cutter articles designed to "debunk" claims made by the alternative media. The only external link the various versions have ever had was to a The Nation article [1] purporting to debunk those claims. That's despite there being dozens of articles from the other side, and even legislation in state houses. Fortunately, it doesn't rank as highly in search results as other WP articles [2], and hopefully more information will be added before it moves higher in those results. Between March 2, 2008 and May 2, 2008 it contained some variation on the phrase "conspiracy theory". On April 28, 2008 the "football" reference was added, as in the following: Recently the name has come into widespread use by conspiracy theorists alleging the planned construction of a new, "four football fields wide", highway running through Mexico, the US and Canada. The formulation is a popular habit of debunkers, who play the game that unless there's no plan to build something "four football fields wide" from Mexico to Canada then it doesn't exist. There is such a widely-discussed plan for Texas that's openly being pushed by governor Rick Perry (the Trans Texas Corridor) and there have been proposals to extend the TTC both north and south. But, apparently the debunkers wouldn't be satisfied unless those extensions were all "four football fields wide". In other words, the debunkers are just playing word games and trying to fool people, and Wikipedia is helping them to a certain extent now and to a greater extent later as the article rises in search results. [1] [2] When the term is enclosed in quotes, it doesn't appear in the first 100 search results in Google, and it's around the 19th result in Yahoo.