This site will discuss bias in Wikipedia's articles about U.S. politics: spin, distortion, errors, lies, and, most importantly, the facts that their articles don't cover. Anyone can submit posts, but see this first. Note that about a dozen more entries need to be added, but that will take a while because the history needs to be looked through.

Hare Krishna

[NOTE: This entry was originally posted as a comment by user Chris Johnson on 08/27/2008. This site has no knowledge of this issue and hasn't verified any of the claims.] Hare Krishna/ISKCON Domination on Wikipedia Hindu articles

Michael Medved

[NOTE: This entry was originally posted as a comment by user chipdouglas on 05/15/2008. This site has no knowledge of Medved except as a NAU denier and hasn't verified any of the claims.] Specious "Criticism" Sections Two things: (1) How does one make their own post? I don't necessarily need to do it myself, but it would be helpful if the following could be addressed:

NAFTA Superhighway

The three month old NAFTA Superhighway article is very brief and doesn't give an accurate overview of the topic. It doesn't fully address the controversy surrounding the topic, with mostly alternative media sources presenting evidence that it exists (or a larger version is planned) and with the mainstream media presenting cookie cutter articles designed to "debunk" claims made by the alternative media.

Naomi Oreskes

The article "Wikipedia's zealots" from Lawrence Solomon of the Financial Post (link) details issues with the WP article about University of California San Diego professor Naomi Oreskes, who wrote a paper claiming that there was wide consensus about global warming. The paper was challenged by UK scientist Benny Peiser:


World Heritage Site

The World Heritage Site entry contains absolutely no negative or contrary information of any kind and lends the false impression that that United Nations program is completely uncontroversial. Yet, it does have its detractors and it is controversial in some quarters. Any information on controversies surrounding the program has been missing from the entry for over six months.


Wikipedia Information

From "Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia's naked shorts" (link):

Asa Hutchinson

Certainly, not all the bias at WP is explicitly liberal. Some of it just redounds to the benefit of those with liberal-friendly policies, such as former Congressman and former DHS Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson, a Republican and a failed candidate for governor of Arkansas. The only noteworthy incident that occured during his DHS career has had a very hard time sticking in his WP biography.

Air America Radio

The "External links" section contains an extensive list of "Air America fan sites", but the "Air America critics" section has alternated between not being there at all and having one or two links. My site has been deleted on at least two occasions, as has Getting the first site listed in the first place was quite a battle.

Art Torres

Art Torres is - or was until very recently - the Chairman of the California Democratic Party. In 1995, he said this:

"[Proposition] 187 was the last gasp of white America in California."

Snopes ("Urban Legends Reference Pages") regularly discusses various Internet rumors, chain emails, and "other such stories of uncertain or questionable origin". The WP entry reads like a press release, and one might assume that they've never gotten anything wrong. In fact, the closest it gets to anything that could be considered in any way negative is the statement that "not all of their sources... are fully verifiable".


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