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Thomas James Ball entry deleted (immolated himself over men's rights)

On June 15, 2011, Thomas James Ball immolated himself in front of the Cheshire County (New Hampshire) Superior Courthouse in a protest over men's rights. A story from the Union Leader is here, and a site constructed about the event is here. Wikipedia has decided to delete their entry about the suicide, using a variety of their nifty rules that can be used to keep material they don't want to cover out of their site: Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Thomas_James_Ball and Talk:List_of_political_self-immolations#James_Ball. WP does have a rule about not favoring the inclusion of those who are notable only for one event (WP:BLP1E). But, I think it's clear that if someone had set themselves on fire over a more politically-correct topic (such as women's rights, gay rights, or minority rights), not only would it get more mainstream media coverage but Wikipedia would give the entry as much attention as they lavish on minor characters from comic books.